“We are writing to express our gratitude and thanks to you for the superior level of assistance you have provided to us in our real estate transactions over the past seven years.

In all of our dealings with you we have been impressed with your energy, dynamism, creativity and good advice. Your endless good cheer, encouragement and wisdom guided us through several exciting but stressful times during the course of these four transactions.

One quality of yours that we particularly treasure is your ability to listen and be respectful of our wishes and preferences.”

Lucy M

“I recently had the very pleasant experience of dealing with Jasmine with respect to the sale of our present home and the subsequent purchase of another home.

I was impressed by the amount of research and detail that Jasmine undertook to assess the value of our home. I recognized that she had a great deal of experience in selling homes and I relied on her judgement.

In addition, I appreciated the advice she provided to us when purchasing our new home. Throughout the negotiations she remained cool, calm and collected. Once again we relied on her experience and judgement. We were not disappointed.”

Michael S.

“With respect to the sale of our house, Jasmine had excellent suggestions as to how the house should be presented, when it should be listed and at what price. Her advise was right on the mark.

Jasmine truly impressed me with respect to the subsequent purchase. She was extremely patient, and never putting an iota of pressure on us to purchase a property that either did not suite our needs or was outside of our price range. Once a property was chosen, Jasmine expertly handled the negotiations. I am convinced that it was through her efforts that we were able to negotiate a price that we could afford and we are absolutely thrilled to be moving into the neighbourhood.”

Tom M.

"Over the course of our transactions in buying and selling our homes, Jasmine proved to be knowledgeable, intuitive, persuasive, organized and over all a very reliable and efficient professional."

Jean Paul S.